Wild Rice/Hemp Seed Beeph Recipe

· 166 words · about a minute


1 Red Bell Pepper diced

4 cups cooked Wild rice

4 Scallions chopped

1 small Red Onion

1 tbsp Sea Salt

1 tsp Crush Foster’s Caribbean Seasoning

3 tbsp Garbanzo Flour

3/4 cup Teff flour

1/2 cup Hemp Seeds

1 tbsp Sesame or Grape Seed Oil

Pulse in a food processor into a chunky batter

Separate even portions using an ice cream scoop

Flatten into patties by hand and fry, air fry or bake

Air fry 260 F for 15 mins.

Or Bake 350 F for 25 mins or until brown

Or Fry in a pan with 1 tbsp oil only

Once the Beeph burgers are complete you can cut or dice them into cubes or chunks to be used for crumbles or toppings on pizza, tacos, strips or filling for beeph patties. The possibilities are endless.

Wild Rice Beeph over Kabocha Squash

Wild Rice Burger topping on Garbanzo Pizza

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