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  • You'll discover how to build your own Minerals Fast fasting regime that fits your schedule and resources.
  • More importantly, you'll learn what fasting is really like and how to add this practice to your lifestyle.
  • Learn how to create a tasty multi-mineral beverage.
  • How to set yourself up for success with 60 pages of tips, tools and resources.
  • We show you how to make medicinal teas and capsules using Dr. Sebi approved alkaline herbs.
  • We provide a Fasting Journal to help you organize your journey & document your progress.
  • We provide recipes for smoothies, juices and soups.
  • BONUS !! After purchasing the Beyond Vegan Minerals Fast, you can join our FB Group for additional support. We participate in seasonal cleanses. It's great to fast with a community of people cheering you on! CLICK HERE TO JOIN.

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