Beyond Vegan: A Shoe Company Awakens Africa


The African Bio Mineral Balance
As an Alkaline Chef, food is my first passion. For my partner Kelly Keelo, she’s a driven food activist who helps hundreds of people find a healthier version of themselves. We are dedicated advocates of Dr Sebi and his healing modality, The African Bio Mineral Balance. This perspective on health is a revisit to the ways and rhythm of nature by eating foods least detrimental to the human body allowing it to heal and rejuvenate with as little interruption as possible.
Alkaline Exercise Challenge
With this being our mission, we began looking for companies to support that compliment our exercise efforts. Coupling an Alkaline Diet with moderate exercise is the key to maintaining this magnificent machine we’ve been given. Follow Us! – @CrushFoster and @KellyKeelo on Instagram to learn more about our 20 Min Exercise Challenge featuring Enda Sportswear!
The Giant Is Stirring
Africans and decedents of Africa are some of the most athletic people in the world. From professional sports leagues like the NBA and NFL to the Olympics, Africans fill every level of sports excellence. Endorsement deals for sportswear and apparel total cost at least 1.6 billion dollars each year, with over 70% of that going to only 100 athletes. This presents a few problems:

1. The number of athletes that get significant endorsement deals is so small compared to the total number of athletes out there. That means that as an athlete, you have to outwork everyone else in the entire world, and not just in your sports, to be among the lucky ones to get a deal.

2. Being the best black athlete still doesn’t even guarantee you the best deal. Compare Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova in tennis. Sharapova hasn’t won a single grand slam since 2014, was banned from the sport briefly for a drug-positive test and yet still had more endorsement deals than Serena.

3.Very few producers and suppliers of sportswear especially footwear are owned and operated by Africans or descendants of Africa. This is despite the fact that the creation and making of athletic apparel and footwear, and not endorsements, is where the real value and money is.

One company from Kenya (Yes, you heard correctly!) is changing that. “Enda”, which means “Go!” in Swahili, the most widespread language in East and Central Africa, is a running sneaker company based in Kenya. The most amazing thing is that Enda shoes are available in the US!. A black-owned shoe company EXISTS and you can support it RIGHT NOW!
The home of world class champion runners has recently launched on Kickstarter a shoe designed with the help of some of the best runners on the planet. The new shoes are called “Lapatet”, which means “run” in the local Kalenjin language, is a great daily sneaker even if you don’t run. HOW CAN YOU SUPPORT THEM?
  1. Go to their Kickstarter page and buy their sneakers: Kickstarter. The Lapatet will not come to life unless they raise enough money to get started!
  2. You can also buy their first shoe model called the Iten that is available for sale on their website: Enda. They ship from a fulfillment center in New Jersey so there’s no long wait!
  3. Like and follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
  4. Spread the word
And why not? Kenyans are the best runners in the world and Kenya is also a prehistoric site of the African Early Stone Age that dates to about 1 million years ago. It is, therefore, the place where the human race has evolved as runners and the perfect testing ground of what it takes to make a great running sneaker!
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