BEYOND VEGAN: Improve Digestion and Urinary Health With This Tea

“Don’t pay me any money, don’t come to see me, go straight to the herb store, ” Dr. Sebi said to a lady with bladder problems. Guess what he told her to get? – “Bladder problems, poor urine retention…go straight to the herb store and buy yourself some chickweed….get yourself some chickweed and make a tea…not only is it good for you, but it’s good for ME. It strengthens my prostate gland instead of me getting up 10 times a night” – Dr Sebi
Chickweed is also a great appetite suppressant if you’re looking to curb cravings for sugar and starchy foods. You can make some Chickweed tea and resist temptation one day at a time. It’s known to aid in digestion and relieve stomach and bowel problems.
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Chickweed is used as a detoxification agent, and is considered to be as effective as herbs such as burdock root for its blood cleansing abilities. A decoction of the fresh aerial parts is a traditional treatment for relief from extreme physical fatigue and debilitation. Considered a treatment for constipation, kidney complaints and quick relief of pain in the digestive system. Also known to aid in reversing cystitis and other related urinary tract inflammations.
For more information on Chickweed and relieving bladder issues CLICK HERE


1 tbsp Chickweed Herb
16 oz boiling hot Spring Water
1 Key Lime squeezed
Pour boiling water over the herb in a mug or glass jar
Allow to steep for 10 mins, strain and enjoy with lime
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