Beyond Vegan: NoTato Mash

To mash or not to mash…that is the question. Potatoes are one of the hardest comfort foods to give up. The starch and sugar it turns into and the comfort of consuming them make them one of the most consumed foods in American culture. But what if you were told that one of the MAIN things holding you back from your detoxification and weight loss efforts is the consumption of potatoes?
The Detriment
Potatoes are a hybrid plant first domesticated in Peru then in Ireland in the early to mid 1800s. The plant actually saved the people of the island from starvation during it’s depression and has since been cultivated and cross bred to result in over 4000 different varieties. The high starch content has an acidic pH of 3.5 and is known scientifically as glycerinc acid.
Try Something Different
Chickpeas are not only versatile and cost effective but contain a host of minerals including copper, phosphorous, manganese and zinc which are essential in the support of circulation, brain function and mental cognition.
Try them with a side salad or with a mushroom gravy. They can be made into patties or nuggets as well as replace potato as a lest detrimental food making for easier digestion. This creates a more optimum environment for the body to detoxify and maintain it’s alkaline pH. The flavor can be altered and manipulated easily to mimic that of potato, eggs, cheese, chicken or fish.
In this example the chickpeas are soaked overnight, rinsed and strained, then boiled in a pot of water with a little sea salt and grape seed oil for about an hour until soft. Transfer to a colander and allow to drain and cool. They can then be stored in the fridge for use later or used immediately to make a number of recipes that only take minutes to prepare.
Add cooked chickpeas to the food processor and close the lid. Add about 1/2 cup of freshly blended hemp milk to the food processor and begin to whip the chickpeas by using the “pulse” function. Add a little more hemp milk to the mix and continue pulsing and processing until the chickpeas are of a whipped and or smooth consistency. You be the judge and make the texture as chunky, lumpy, thick as smooth as you’d like.
For this recipe and others secure your copy of Beyond Vegan ‘An Alkaline Holiday” at the link below.
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