Black Owned Alkaline Spring Water Company Changes The Game

When I first heard about Teshuater my first thought was “just what we need, ANOTHER water brand”. With all of the companies that sell acidic water or water that’s been “alkalized” by machines or “added minerals” there’s no shortage of brands to choose from.
Then I realized it was a black owned and operated company that actually owns their own Aquifer in an “undisclosed” location. Two things crossed my mind immediately.
1. “Here we go, black owned and already I don’t trust it” and
2. Why is the location of the Aquifer some “secret”?
So I did some research. What I found is that most companies don’t divulge the location of their Aquifer and when they do it’s a round-about geographical location inaccessible to anyone. In fact Fiji Water is from an aquifer in Fiji called Viti Levu and has no address one can visit, is surrounded by military police and is inaccessible to natives who’s communities suffer from a list of water born diseases.
This was so potentially damaging to their reputation that in December 2010, Fiji Water’s Fiji plant had to ensure it had locals among it’s 400 employees and had to also established a foundation to provide water filters to rural Fiji communities, many of which lack access to clean water.
I’m assuming this start up doesn’t have the government behind them in protecting the Aquifer and if we can’t actually visit the bottling plant of most water companies, why was I so concerned with whether or not this company was on the up and up? Being what is referred to as a black business owner myself I recognize the challenges of being taken seriously or not looking “half-ass” when conducting business. So my next step was to research what it takes to launch and operate an alkaline spring water company. What I found was interesting. It’s not easy…and anyone playing around in this industry is susceptible to the full weight of the regulatory agencies.
Seeing how much of a challenge it is to secure the permits, licensing and aquifer I reserved my inquiry about the source for a later time while I look into the actual product itself. I ordered a case of 16.9 oz bottles for 31.98 which included shipping. This is the same price as Fiji if I ordered it at $2.66 per bottle.
Let’s recap. Same cost as Fiji, also Spring Water, Nothing added, Higher pH, delivered to my home and it’s a chance to buy from a black owned company? Being in the business of strengthening my community through diet and lifestyle myself it all seemed to make sense. There was only one last thing I needed to do – buy some water and see how it tastes, feels and tests.
It came in about 4 days, I cut the box open, handed one to Kelly Keelo and we drank it at the same time. After a short pause we looked at each other and recognized the oxygenated feeling you get when you have a high pH water. Now I’m starting to get excited. So far the “black company skepticism” I’ve been trained to experience is drifting and I realize a few more potential benefits to supporting this company. When I’m traveling the best water I can find everywhere is Fiji and it’s ALWAYS more than 2.66 for 16.9 oz and is never an alkalinity close to 9.5 pH. So now my brain is working. I did my own pH test and it stayed around 9.3pH and 9.4pH respectively.
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In my experience such a high naturally occurring pH in spring water can be extremely healing and can hydrate the body much quicker and more efficiently. This was the oxygenated feeling I got when I first drank it. And unlike alkaline water that has been produced with trace minerals or run over electrified plates in an alkaline water machine, this water has all of it’s minerals intact and doesn’t need to rely on any help from man.
My consensus for now is that Teshuater is worth keeping my eye on. I plan to buy a case for my mom and dad in an effort to try and get them to drink better water than the acidic Poland Springs and the ever available Dasani and Aquafina brands that come from municipal water sources and is just “treated” tap water. I use Crystal Geyser mostly and Eternal sometimes, but neither have ever given me a sense of investing in my community or been delivered to my home. I will surely be supporting and sharing Teshuater with anyone looking to feel the effects of real alkaline spring water.


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