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A great daily nutrient source.
Contains many of the essential minerals
that comprise the human body
like Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc + Copper.

Sea Moss may address
mineral deficiencies that can arise
when eating an unbalanced diet.

It cleanses the lymphatic system,
stimulates the endocrine system +
aids in detoxification.

This Irish Sea Moss is caught
off the coast of Maine
It’s a Red Algae that grows on rock formations.

It can be made into a gel +
blended into liquid form
for drinks + smoothies.

Most people remember Dr Sebi mentioning Chondrus Crispus (Irish Moss) and his experience with a man from Boston who found a way to grow it by mimicking the way the ocean moves in machines or on strings near the shallow coasts. Unfortunately, this "farm raised" Sea Moss is what you find in many stores now.

How To Spot Fake Seamoss:

The species of Sea Moss that are either pool grown or farm raised are commonly called "fake Sea Moss" for a number of reasons.

1. Farmed or Pool grown Sea Moss grows with thicker strands.

2. The color is often a light transparent golden color.

3. There is commonly the appearance or presence of salt on its surface.

4. Once wet, it creates a thick slimy mucilage and becomes slippery to the touch.

5. The mineral value is extremely low due to it's growing conditions that have no natural relationship with its environment ie. ocean rocks and reefs.

IRISH SEA MOSS | 1.5oz per bag. Irish Sea Moss is used in our plant based supplement, CELL SUPPORT.


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